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Welcome to St. Gerald Athletics!

Welcome and thank you parents, coaches and commissioners for dedicating and giving your time, talents and leadership to Saint Gerald Athletics. I strongly believe parish athletic programs are an extension of our Catholic Faith and a great way for us to serve others. I would also like to say a special thank you to all those that serve the children of this parish through Saint Gerald Athletics. Without your participation, leadership, service and sacrifice the children of this parish would not have an athletics program to participate in. Thank you and please consider the following statement from NCYOS.

What are the Vision and Guiding Principles of a Catholic Faith-Based Sports Program?

PLACING FAITH & FAMILY FIRST ("F3"): the higher values of faith and family are recognized and are emphasized over winning. Strong Catholic Families, Strong Catholic Youth are an important component.
CONTRIBUTING TO THE MISSION OF CHRIST IN THE WORLD:young athletes, their parents and families, and all those associated with athletics under Catholic auspices, understand athletics to be a youth ministry, guided by the goals of the Bishop's document - "Renewing the Vision", and at the service of discipleship.
ACTIVELY ENGAGING IN THE CATHOLIC FAITH COMMUNITY: Athletic programs and the Church are working together with one another for time, resources, energy, leadership, etc., and are partners pursuing the mission of Christ in the world.
DEVELOPING CHARACTER, SPORTS SKILLS AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Character development, skill development and sportsmanship: winning is subordinate to the development of virtue.
PROMOTING HOLISTIC HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE: "The glory of God is a (hu)man fully alive." (St. Irenaeus): the health, well-being, and well-rounded growth and development of young people are paramount.

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Help Wanted!

The St. Gerald Athletic Committee is seeking volunteers to fill the following positions.

Concessions Manager

Please see the description below. For more information, please email [email protected].

Concessions Manager (Vice President)
a. Assist the Athletic Director in overseeing Athletic Committee
b. Preside at meetings of the Committee in the absence of the Athletic Director.
c. Assist Athletic Director in set-up and supervision of St. Gerald Gym during scheduled athletic competitions with the help of Sports Commissioners and Athletic Committee
d. Responsible for the accounting for all gate / concession fees
e. Make concession purchases and maintain proper inventory levels for concessions.
f. Regularly attend meetings of the Athletic Committee
g. Shall perform such other duties as may be assigned the Athletic Committee.

St. Gerald Men's Club

Men's Club is dedicated to providing monetary and physical support to the St. Gerald Community with an emphasis on St. Gerald School and the spiritual, academic and athletic growth of all students in the parish.