Monthly Reflection

Reflections on being a priest

Fr. William Fitzgerald (Fr. Fitz), former co-pastor of St. Gerald Parish.

When trains were in fashion, there were fellows who wore red caps and you could count on them for service in helping carry your bags. The helpers were even called "Red Caps". Their caps were an ornament; it was their muscles and willingness to serve that got the job done.

Just like at airports today, when people travel, there are always people milling about and many need help.

There are people today who wear white collars. We call them priests. Like the Red Caps, It is not their collars nor their uniforms that are important. Rather it is their willingness to help others carry heavy burdens-they are like Red Caps-they are ordained to serve other people's needs.

And their job is never boring, I can attest to that after 54 years as a priest.

They are often present where the action is: when people die, when people marry, when babies are born, when people suffer. They are to do as Jesus did: "I have come to serve, not to be served!" If you love people, if you want to help people, if you want a life that is challenging and never boring, you might think about becoming one of Jesus' "Red Caps" Only today they wear a "white collar."

From Pilot to Priesthood
Click Here to watch a a short video from the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis about a pilot who answered his call to the priesthood.

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