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Our Risen Christ

The "Risen Christ" above the altar at St. Gerald Church is a truly unique Crucifix. It is a portrayal of the happiness Christ must have felt when he had achieved his mission on earth. This portrayal of Christ on the cross came into being based upon a statement by Father Larry Dorsey.

Father Larry must have been reflecting on the glory of Easter when he said, "Jesus must have been really happy that all the pain and misery was over." Christ had tolerated the pain of torture, the extreme thirst, the emotional pain of betrayal by his friends, harassment by one of those crucified by him, and finally death itself.

And then the Glory of Easter! Light had replaced the physical and emotional darkness of Good Friday! Tears of sadness were now tears of joy! The sweetness of being with his Holy Father again.... The ultimate happiness!

Omaha sculptor John Lajba was commissioned to prepare the crucifix for the church using Father Larry's idea. The sculpture is plexiglass, the cross is wood and the emotional impact is a lasting one.

Bendicion al Señor Jesus Cristo que Resucito y supero el dolor y muerte

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