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The OASIS - Life in the Spirit - Session #6

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The OASIS - Life in the Spirit - Session #5

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Summary of Life in the Spirt at The OASIS

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest”. So many today, especially those in positions of leadership (i.e., parents, teachers, priests, etc.), are feeling more and more overwhelmed by the demands of their particular vocations and by life in general.

From April 15 to May 27, we will have a special Life in the Spirit series on Wednesday nights.
Each night will have:
- Praise and Worship of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
- A witness/testimony - sharing of someone's story that relates to the night's theme
- Teaching (see outline of the seven sessions below)
- Quiet prayer time in adoration
- Benediction
- Closing

How to win a Great Adventure Bible!

Life in the Spirit continues Wednesday, May 6, 7 PM!

Part of evangelization is being willing to step outside of our comfort zones and talk to people about Jesus. To give us a little incentive and have a little fun together, we will have a friendly competition. The people who get the most points (top three) will receive prizes.

Rules for the competition:

Let's make this about the PEOPLE you will talk to and sharing the LOVE of JESUS with them! The points and competition are secondary!

1. Pray for and then call friends and invite them to come to The OASIS on Wednesday, May 6 and/or Wednesday, May 13. As you invite them, please tell them:
a) you hope that they can join you (via, the church facebook page, or on,
b) beyond the benefit they will receive from prayer and learning, there is a friendly competition to encourage people to reach out and invite friends, and
c) that they can feel free to join in the competition if they like, though, more than that you hope they'll join you on the live video session.

2. Record their name and the time you called. For each person you speak with and invite, you will receive 3 points (leaving a voice message is worth 1 point - first voice message per friend only). You can make invitation calls starting at 8:00 AM, Wed, May 6, and until 6:45 PM on May 13. Optional: set-up a time to talk to them (ideally, within 3 days) after the The OASIS session and you can both share with each what you took away from the session and what the Holy Spirit did in your heart...

3. For each person who attends AND you have a follow-up phone call within three days of the session they attend (by the following Saturday), you will receive an additional 7 points. If they desire to join the competition (not required), they will also receive points if they join in a follow-up conversation with you.

4. Send a copy of your notes, including the first names of the people you called and the times you called. Indicate whether you left a voice-message or spoke with them (for invitations) and whether or not you had a follow-up phone call with them after one (or both) of the sessions. Send this to Mark at This must be submitted by email no later than Monday, May 18, at Noon to be eligible for the prizes. Winners announced at The OASIS on May 20.

5. If you invite someone who comes both May 6 and 13, and you have two phone discussions (one after each session), you and they will receive 7 points for the first discussion and 5 for the second.

Click here to see the The Great Adventure Catholic Bible from Ascension Press! (This goes to 1st place in the competition.)

Click here to see the Pocket Guide to Adoration by Fr. Josh Fisher. (The persons in 2nd and 3rd place in the competition will receive this.)

FYI: The most points that could potentially be earned with your interactions with one friend would be 16. How? I call John Jones and leave a voice message (1 pt) and then later speak to him on the phone (3 pts). John joins the May 6 session and we have a follow-up conversation (7 pts). John also joins the May 13 session and we have a follow-up conversation (5 pts). In this example, I would receive 16 pts and (if John Jones also wanted to participate in the competition - not required) John would receive 12 pts (7 and 5 for the follow-up conversations).
NOTE: You can invite as many people as you feel called. So, there is no maximum number of points.

Finally, let's remember this about the PEOPLE you will talk to and sharing the LOVE of JESUS with them! The points and competition are secondary!

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Life in the Spirit - Session #4 - 5/6/2020

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4/3/2020 OASIS Prayer Gathering

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