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Columbian Squires

Pope John Paul II Circle #5517

Click on image to pop up a full sized version of this image. The Columbian Squires is the official youth organization of the Knights of Columbus. The organization promotes the Catholic faith, service to others and provides leadership training and moral guidance to young men between the ages of 10 and 18.


Squires continue the connection between youth and the Church during a very important time in their lives.

Teaches young men how to take responsibility for their actions as individuals and leaders.

Provides growth in areas such as decision making, delegation of responsibility, administration, public speaking, public relations and financial responsibility.

Teaches young men that there are people in the community who need assistance and by working with their Circle and the Knights of Columbus Council, they learn the lesson of charity.

Creates an environment which encourages thoughtful consideration of what they will do with their lives, in terms of a career or vocation.

Provides a training ground for future Knights.

Squires participate in a wide variety of activities that are focused on providing service to the parish and the local community. Religious activities include the opportunity to learn to serve at Mass, increasing their knowledge of the Catholic Faith, and praying for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life. There are fun activities as well. Adult leadership and supervision are provided by members of the Knights of Columbus Council here at St. Gerald's.

Active involvement allows each youth to participate and learn more about their parish. Join us to learn how to help with fish dinners, church & school projects, car wash, movie nights, game nights, fishing trips and other community activities. It is a great opportunity for young men to develop leadership skills, practice their Catholic faith and help others.

There is a Squire Advancement Program that consists of five levels: (1) PAGE, (2) SHIELD BEARER, (3) SWORDSMAN, (4) LANCER, and (5) SQUIRE OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.

For further information, contact...

pdf David Marx -
Dan Bourne -

If anyone missed the article in the Knights of Columbus Courier magazine about the Circle formation, here is a link:

Usher Schedule

Squire Mass Ushers
The first Sunday of the month, the Squires will serve as users for the 10:30 mass.
We will schedule 5 Squires for each month. If you cannot make that month, please find a replacement. All efforts have been made to schedule around the Alter Server schedule.
PLEASE remind the boys to act appropriately for mass at all times! This is important. As ushers, they are the face of St Gerald Church. Have the boys wear their Squire Polo and tan pants.

Usher Schedule:

March 1st 10:30 Mass
M. Sheridan
R. Sheridan
B. Silva
J. Silva
R. Silva
Z. Silva
N. Bourne

FYI - Usher pool that are already assisting as Server/EMHC/Greeter/Lector or are otherwise engaged on the first Sunday of the month:

March 1st 10:30 Mass
N. Marx, Dave Lctra 5pm
D. Fuentes serve 10:30

Squire Usher Instructions:PDF Format
Usher Guidelines: PDF Format

Calendar of Events

Click on image to pop up a full sized version of this image. Fish Dinner Schedule
The Knights of Columbus have again asked the Squires for help at the fish dinners. Fish dinners are the primary money raiser for the Knights.
We will again be working the drive up food service at all dinners. One adult will take orders outside and 2 Squires will serve as food runners. This year should be smoother. They are setting up a food station in the library with steam tables. All takeout will be directly from the library so the kids can hang out inside and run the food a short distance to the waiting cars. They will not have to fight the crowds in the hall for each delivery. The drive up service really pickup up last year and I expect more business this year.

We will need 2 Squires per shift and 2 shifts per night for all the dinners.
I will do my very best to get to the dinners by 4:15. If you have questions either now or at a dinner, my home number is 402-596-1533 and my cell is 402-699-5911. I suggest you place my number in your contacts.

Shift 1 (4:30-6:00)
02/20/15..... Jorge Z. / Mike & Ryan S
02/27/15..... J. Zedillo / Mike & Ryan S
03/06/15..... Jorge Z. / Mike & Ryan S
03/13/15..... Jackson T. / -----
03/20/15..... Jorge Z. / -----
03/27/15..... Jorge Z. / -----

Shift 2 (6:00-7:30)
02/20/15..... Nathan B / -----
02/27/15..... Jackson T. / -----
03/06/15..... ----- / -----
03/13/15..... ----- / -----
03/20/15..... ----- / -----
03/27/15..... ----- / -----

Jackson T. 1st or 2nd shift on 3/13
Jackson T. Possibly 2nd shift on 3/27

Here is a link to the Squire Photo site: Click Here!

Check out the mug shots of these rough looking kids: Jpg Format

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