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The primary act of worship is the celebration of the Eucharist. Worship can include prayer meetings and times of praise experienced in small groups.
- Adapted from Divine Renovation, Bringing Your parish from Maintenance to Mission, by Fr. James Mallon

Personal Prayer
Contact Jesus daily. Grow in your spiritual life by daily reading of Sacred Scripture. Pray with your family. Spend time with God in private prayer each day. Attend Mass each Sunday, on Holy Days, and during the week if you can. Receive the sacrament of Reconciliation frequently.

Pray the Rosary before daily Mass
Parishioners say a rosary before the daily 8:15 a.m. Mass at 78th and Lakeview and before 12:15 p.m. Mass at 96th and Q. Rosary begins at 7:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.

Perpetual Adoration
Perpetual Adoration has been a beautiful tradition at St. Gerald for many years. Would you like to spend an hour in prayer once a week, day or evening, before Our Lord in the Eucharist? Adoration before the exposed Eucharist takes place in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at 96th and Q, 7 days a week, 24 hours each day.

Oasis Prayer Gathering
In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says, "Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest". So many today, especially those in positions of leadership (i.e., parents, teachers, priests, etc.), are feeling more and more overwhelmed by the demands of their particular vocations and by life in general.

Oasis Prayer Gatherings will be held on most Fridays at the chapel at 96th & Q from 7:00 - 8:30 pm to praise and worship the Lord. The evenings will also include a short teaching or testimony and opportunity to receive personal prayer for renewal and healing. Please join us in this time of fellowship and receive that deeper rest and renewal that only Jesus can give.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC)
EMHCs assist the parish family by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass. Some EMHCs also take Communion to the ill and homebound. Those new to the ministry may begin serving as an EMHC after having attended a required August Archdiocesan training session followed by a mandation liturgy conducted by the Archbishop. After having completed the archdiocesan training and mandation you will be required to attend a St. Gerald Liturgy workshop. Previously mandated Ministers of Holy Communion who wish to serve at St. Gerald should contact the coordinator.

Proclaim God's word to the parish community during daily and Sunday Masses. Those interested in being a Lector will be required to attend the Archdiocesan training session followed by a mandating liturgy conducted by the Archbishop. Lectors also attend a St. Gerald Liturgy Workshop to receive parish guidelines. Training and mandation occur annually each fall.

Youth Mass Server
Boys and girls in grades 5 through 8 are invited to assist at weekend masses as altar servers. Training classes are held several times throughout the year. Watch the bulletin for specific dates.

Music Ministry / Choir
St. Gerald Choir provides music for Weekend and Holy Day liturgies as well as other liturgical celebrations. You are invited to join in praising God through the gift of music. If your love of music calls you to participate in the choir as an instrumentalist or as a vocalist, your reward includes enrichment of liturgical celebrations as well as fellowship with other joy-filled, spirited parishioners.
The Adult Choir is open to parishioners high school age through adult, and meets on Wednesday evening at 7 pm in the church choir room. The Children's Choir, which sings for the Christmas Vigil Mass, is open to parishioners grades 3 through 8. Beginning in November, it meets on most Wednesdays at 3:15 p.m. at the Lakeview Chapel or 5:30 p.m. in the Church choir room. If there is interest, the Children's Choir will continue in the second semester.

Liturgy Committee
The Liturgy Committee helps prepare for our parish liturgical celebrations according to the changing seasons of the church year. The committee works with the parish staff in overseeing the various liturgical ministries.

Liturgical Environment Committee
The Liturgical Environment Committee works to create an environment that draws the faithful more fully into prayer in accordance with the Liturgical Seasons. The Easter and Christmas seasons are the two largest decorating times with a special need for volunteers for those seasons. However the Committee also needs on going help with votive candle care, light dusting in the Chapel and around the Altar as well as plant care inside the church and watering and weeding of outside flower beds. These daily, weekly or monthly tasks rotate among the committee members.

A Sacristan (man or woman) prepares the materials necessary for the daily and Sunday liturgy and other liturgical days. This includes opening up the church and setting out the bread, wine, vessels and tangible needs of the worshiping community. Sacristans work under the direction of the Pastor and have a spirit of service that works in harmony with the presiding priest. Sacristans are required to be a mandated EMHC.


Evangelization. This is the proclamation of the Good News of God's love revealed in Jesus, and the salvation offered through his cross and resurrection. It is directed to those outside of the Church, but may also be aimed at those within the Church who know about Jesus but do not know him personally.

Discipleship. Discipleship is the lifelong process of growing, maturing and learning that the believer eagerly enters into if truly evangelized. It includes catechesis, but cannot be reduced to it. It includes growing in faith, knowledge, prayer and identifying one's God given gifts.

- Adapted from Divine Renovation, Bringing Your parish from Maintenance to Mission, by Fr. James Mallon

Welcoming Committee
The goal of the Welcoming Committee is to enable and empower St. Gerald's mission to invite and welcome everyone to come and share our Master's
joy." Committee members assist in facilitating new parishioner Welcome Sessions after each Mass on the 2nd weekend of each month. The committee is committed to implementing new and enhanced ways to show a daily practical outpouring of God's love for each person we encounter. Please contact us if you have an interest in this ministry.

Rosary Makers
Volunteers craft rosaries to donate to local and international organizations. Many of the rosary makers work from home. Once a month part of the group meets on the first Monday after the 12:15 Mass to socialize and prepare the rosaries for shipping.

Vocations Committee
The Vocations Committee develops programs to foster and educate the parish regarding vocations in the Catholic Church. Through prayer and encouragement, vocations to the priesthood, deaconate and consecrated life are supported and developed.

RCIA is an acronym for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Those who are not Catholic and are interested in the faith are invited to become part of the RCIA program. RCIA meets weekly from September through Easter. Interested inquirers and St. Gerald parishioners walk the journey of faith together. Classes are held on Tuesday nights at 96th & Q.

WINGS, We're In God's Spirit, is RCIA adapted for Children. We work with parents and their children and/or teenagers to prepare them to fully participate in the sacramental life of the Church. Children who were never baptized, along with those who are behind in receiving their sacraments of Initiation are a part of this group. WINGS meet in conjunction with RCIA. Parents attend RCIA and the children have a separate class appropriate to their age. Classes are held on Tuesday evenings and are in need of a classroom aid.

Family Formation
Family formation is a religious education program for families of the parish with children in grades K-6 who attend public school or home school. Family Formation also welcomes St. Gerald School families. Parents and children attend one session each month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Parents are taught by the pastor or other speakers in the school gym while their children learn the same lesson in the classrooms. The children are grouped by grade level and receive instruction from certified catechists. Parents receive three home lessons each month that guide them in sharing the Good News and the beauty of the Catholic Faith with their children. A minimum tuition is charged. Volunteers are needed for teaching positions, classroom assistants, childcare, refreshments and cleanup at night's end.

Confirmation Catechist
Youth at St. Gerald prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation during a 2-year program in the 7th and 8th grade. Adult catechists teach a weekly Wednesday evening class held at St. Gerald Grade School from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Volunteer teachers are needed as well as classroom assistants.

Baptism Catechist
Couples are needed to help teach Baptism classes for new and expectant parents. Catechists will be trained in the Called by Name© baptism program developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha Family Life Office. The program offers an overview of the basics of baptism, focusing primarily on infant/toddler baptism, and the importance of this sacrament not only for the one being baptized, but for the individual's family and the larger parish community. The time commitment is three to four classes per year.

Youth Ministry
St. Gerald Youth Ministry provides the youth of St. Gerald, grades 6-12, an opportunity to have fun while deepening their encounter with Christ. St. Gerald Youth Ministry offers different faith sharing encounters including Alpha Youth and Dig In High School Group. The mission of the youth ministry is to walk with youth as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Together we are building a community focused on trust and friendship. We are always seeking new ways to Encounter Jesus, Make Disciples and Transform Lives.

Young Adult Ministry
There is no active Young Adult group at St. Gerald at this time. Visit the Archdiocese of Omaha website for Young Adult Activities held in the Omaha area,

Intro to Discipleship
We are all on a journey of faith that includes highs and lows. In many ways, we could say that the Catholic Church is on a similar journey. Jesus wants a Church that is fully alive where members are in an intimate relationship with Him. Are you a disciple? If so, what is your role in bringing renewal to St. Gerald? What can you do in the face of declining faith? Find out at Intro to Discipleship, a three-part series that includes meals, engaging teaching, discussion, and prayer. Watch the bulletin or the parish website for announcements about future sessions.

Spirit Link
Spirit Link, the St. Gerald stewardship newsletter, is published quarterly and mailed to all parishioners. It is an opportunity to reach out to our parish family and share stories of stewardship in action. The volunteer staff includes writers, editors, photographers and graphic artists. Please contribute photos, story ideas or volunteer for our staff.

Women's Spiritual Book Club
The group gathers as women of faith to discuss books that educate, inform and inspire us in our Catholic faith. New members are welcome. Meets at 10 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month at the St. Gerald Library, 96th and Q.

Pro-Life Committee
The Pro-Life Committee's goal is to raise awareness of Catholic teaching on pro-life issues and to provide information on educational and volunteer opportunities at St. Gerald and in the Omaha area. Pro-life issues include abortion, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia.

The Pro-Life Committee supports an Embrace Grace program in St. Gerald Parish. Embrace Grace helps women walk through the unsteady season of an unplanned pregnancy or women navigating single motherhood by connecting them to a judgement-free support group. Embrace Grace helps women find a place of belonging within the church.

Parish Library
The parish library is a great resource of religious books and videos for adults and children. Volunteers are needed to help check out and re-shelve materials. The Family Room/Library is open before and after each Mass.

That Man Is You Men's Ministry
That Man Is You is an archdiocesan-wide ministry for adult men. Through study of Scripture and faith sharing men of our parish become men formed after God's own heart. Early morning sessions meet in the Family Room/Library and include continental breakfast. Friday or Saturday morning sessions are available.

Women of Grace® Foundational Study Series
Women of Grace® is an extended 17-week study in which women embark upon a fascinating and exciting journey of transformation and discovery as they explore the great call and gift of their femininity. Participating women will meet great women saints, learn more about the Catholic Faith, begin to unpack the treasures of Sacred Scripture, and come into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Alpha guests share a meal and watch a video that explores the Good News of Jesus Christ in a thought provoking, relevant way. Then, in a small group setting, guests are free to ask questions, share their thoughts, build relationships, and experience the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Let Alpha take you on a journey leading to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience His love for you. Come and see!

Nazareth Groups
Nazareth groups are 10-12 people who meet monthly in a member's home, share a meal, pray together, form lasting relationships, and encourage one another along life's journey. These ongoing groups are intended to foster a deeper sense of belonging within the parish family.

Evangelization and Discipleship
Each of us is called to evangelize and to be a disciple, but what does that really mean? Put in it's simplest terms, Evangelization is sharing Jesus with others. "The New Evangelization" is summarized by the realization that we must not only look outside the church for people to evangelize, but also realize that many of the people in the pews (often including ourselves) need to be evangelized.

Discipleship is a way of life. A disciple has committed his entire life to Jesus Christ, seeks to follow Him daily, receives the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and begins sharing Him with others.

If you are passionate about helping others encounter Jesus and deepen their faith, please reach out to our Director of Evangelization and Discipleship to learn about opportunities and to share your story!

Bible Study
Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study is a faith building program using the media presentations of Seeking Truth's Sharon Doran. The study is designed to help us grow deeper in love and understanding of our Catholic Faith through Scripture. Seeking Truth offers its curriculum free of charge for parishes hosting a class. Each session meets weekly to discuss lessons prepared in advance by participants from one or more books of the Bible. Parish leaders facilitate the class and breakout group discussions.

St. Vincent DePaul Society
St. Gerald Conference of St. Vincent DePaul is set up to serve the needy within the parish boundaries. The Conference assists those with immediate needs of food, clothing, furniture and emergency help with rent and utilities. Calls made to the Business Office or other referrals are passed on to the Society members who follow up with personal contacts to best determine how service can be provided. The St. Gerald Holy Day collections fund the work of the St. Vincent DePaul Society.


Fellowship is meaningful community where people are known and loved, called by name and supported in their call to holiness. Fellowship happens when parishioners are accountable to and for one another.
- Adapted from Divine Renovation, Bringing Your parish from Maintenance to Mission, by Fr. James Mallon

Social Committee
The Social Committee plans and organizes social activities for the parish aimed at fostering parish community. The Social Committee hosts Donut Sundays at which all parishioners are invited with special invitations sent to parish newcomers. Refreshments are served after parish penance services and other events. Volunteers bake, serve and clean up after these events. Our committee also sets up refreshments for the Family Formation classes and cleans up after. New volunteer bakers and servers are always appreciated.

Athletic Committee
St. Gerald Athletic Committee sponsors sports activities for the youth of the parish including boys & girls soccer, girls volleyball, boys & girls basketball, and baseball. The principles of a Catholic, faith-based sports program are: placing faith and family first, contributing to the mission of Christ in the world, and actively engaging in the Catholic faith community.

Friends on Q
Friends on Q provides adult members of St. Gerald Parish opportunities for social, cultural and spiritual growth. Monthly activities provide opportunities for both new and continuing friendships. We pray for members who are sick and send cards for deceased members. Watch the bulletin and parish website for upcoming activities. Open to adults over age 40.

Bridge Group
The St. Gerald Bridge Group meets the second Sunday of the month, September through May at 96th & Q. Open to all singles and couples in the Omaha community.

Knitting & Crocheting
Knitting and Crocheting meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 96th and Q in the Family Room/Library from 6:30 -10:00 p.m. Work on your own project or join in ongoing service projects: baby afghans for OneWorld Community Health; hats, scarves and mittens for the homeless and elementary school children in low income areas; dish cloths for the annual church bake sale. Looms and yarn are available to make hats and scarves. Don't knit or crochet? Join us and we will teach you.

Quilting and Sewing Group
Quilting and Sewing meets at 6 p.m. on the third Monday of the month in the Fellowship Hall at 96th. You may bring and work on personal sewing or service oriented projects such as lap quilts, walker totes or baby bibs. Special workshops and all day sew-ins are scheduled throughout the year.

Women's Page Turners Book Club
The Page Turners Book Club meets at 7 p.m. the last Thursday each month (except December) at the Ralston Baright Library to discuss current or classic fiction and non-fiction.

Women's Golf League
St. Gerald Women's Golf League is open to all ladies of the parish. This league is recreational and not competitive, all playing abilities are welcome. The league meets weekly on Wednesday evenings at Westwood Golf Course. A weekly commitment is not required.

Men's Golf
St. Gerald Golf League meets weekly at Eagle Hills Golf Course from mid-April to mid-August. Interested golfers are invited to join the league.

Knights of Columbus
St. Gerald Knights of Columbus (Council #9518) was granted its Charter in March of 1987. Supporting the mission of St. Gerald Parish is our primary concern along with the four principles of the order: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Among the many activities of the Knights are the Lenten Fish Dinners, Tootsie Roll Drive for Intellectual Disabilities, Red Cross blood drives and quarterly parish food drives. Monthly meetings are held the third Thursday at 96th & Q.

Men's Club
Men's Club is dedicated to providing support to the St. Gerald community with an emphasis on St. Gerald School and the spiritual, academic and athletic growth of all students in the parish. St. Gerald Men's Club provides its members the opportunity to build relationships with fellow parishioners and to participate in various activities for the benefit of the parish. Meetings are held monthly at the Fellowship Hall from September through May.

Cub Scouts
St. Gerald Pack 4, Lewis & Clark District, is open to boys grades 1-5. Boys interact and develop leadership skills. Adults are needed who are interested in assisting as leaders or helpers.

Scouts BSA
Troop 377 is open to boys ages 11 - 18. Mental, physical and moral development forms boys into leaders. Scouting is a great way for a young man to learn about himself and the world around him through life-forming experiences. Adult leaders are needed, especially as merit badge counselors and campers. Meetings are held first and third Mondays of the month.


Ministry is service to others. It includes essential ministry within the life of the parish so that it can function and form its members, but also includes going out to serve those who do not belong.
- Adapted from Divine Renovation, Bringing Your parish from Maintenance to Mission, by Fr. James Mallon

Stewardship Committee
Stewardship is a way of life that acknowledges everything we have is a gift from God: our families, our faith, our talents, our skills, our livelihood and our finances. The Stewardship Committee assists our parish family in realizing and responding to this lifestyle by assisting with the parish Time and Talent Sign-Up, the archdiocesan Annual Appeal, and the Spirit Link newsletter. We invite you to become involved in this most important ministry.

Ushers & Greeters
Ushers and Greeters extend a warm welcome to parishioners and guests at St. Gerald, they assist the assembled people to participate in the worship, and ensure the smooth flow of the liturgy. You will be asked to attend one training session and to follow parish guidelines.

Funeral Usher
Burying the dead is a Corporal Work of Mercy. Ushers greet and help seat mourners who attend funerals at St. Gerald. This important service to bereaved families presents an excellent opportunity for retired parishioners to serve the parish family.

Funeral Adult Mass Server
Adult men serve as Altar Servers for parish funerals. This important service to bereaved families presents an excellent opportunity for retired parishioners to serve the parish family.

Parking Lot Patrol
Volunteers patrol the parking lot at 96th & Q during weekend Masses, holy days of obligation and weekend events. Teams are usually scheduled for one Mass a month. Patrolling is done on foot during nice weather and in vehicles if the weather is inclement. The Parking Lot Patrol observes and reports, never confronts.

Marian Movement of Priests Cenacle
"Cenacle" is a word for the upper room where Jesus' apostles gathered together in prayer with his Mother Mary. Our Lady invites us to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart where "she will nourish, form, and help us to grow in perfect consecration to her. She calls us to form cenacles together with her and to multiply and spread them everywhere, so that the Divine Spirit of Love may pass through the golden door of her Immaculate Heart and thus prepare humanity for a new era of grace and holiness." (From To the Priests our Lady's Beloved Sons, cf. 226j, June 7, 1981)

The Marian Movement of Priests Cenacle meets every Tuesday morning at 11:15 a.m. in the multipurpose room at 96th and Q. The group meets to pray for priests and the Pope. Meetings are 15-20 minutes after which the group stays for the rosary and Mass.

St. Gerald After Mass Prayer Teams
Prayer teams are two or three individuals who give their time after Mass to pray with any individuals who present themselves and request prayer.
Most all of us at some time in our lives have experienced a sickness, loss of a loved one, injuries due to accidents, or some problem, great or small, that we ask our friends to pray for. Or you may have relatives or friends who may be hurting. The prayer team is available to pray with you for any of your needs. They lift you up in prayer and pray with you. Jesus loves all of us and is waiting for you to come and ask for His help. The prayer team is there to intercede for you in asking Jesus to help. Just ask the team to pray with you and thank God for the experience.

St. Gerald Prayer Chain
Intercessory prayer is one way to show love for your neighbor. Prayer warriors volunteer to pray for intention requests. By contacting the prayer chain, your intentions and needs are passed along to dozens of parish family members to be lifted up in prayer. Prayer requests are received by phone at the parish business office or by entering the request on the parish web site. Volunteer to be a prayer partner by contacting the St. Gerald Business office. At this time prayer partners are being added to the email prayer list.

Hospital Ministry
Hospital Ministry collaborates with the priests of our parish to provide a service to the sick and dying. Members of this ministry answer the call to extend the warmth and concern for the spiritual welfare of those experiencing sickness and chronic or life-threatening illness. Bergan Mercy and Methodist are the hospitals visited twice weekly, however, our hospital ministers will go wherever requested and then forward the pertinent information to our priests. Hospital Ministry provides our priests with essential help in extending their priestly ministry to all in need.

Bereavement Committee
The Bereavement Ministry is offered in our own parish setting to those who have experienced the death of a loved one in the past year. It is also open to non-parishioners. Volunteers serve as companions to the families experiencing a death, send cards and pray for them. Wood crosses with the names of the deceased hang in the back of the sanctuary for a year, then are presented to the family.

Fair Trade Program
The St. Gerald Fair Trade committee sells coffee and tea in the narthex after Mass on the third Sunday each month. Working with Catholic Relief Services, the money raised by these sales goes to support farmers and artisans in developing countries and provides them a fair living wage. Several times a year in addition to coffee and tea, there will be for sale chocolate, scarves, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and other gift items, all at a reasonable price! You are invited to buy these products and/or volunteer to help with their sale. By supporting our brothers and sisters through your purchases, you are performing a Corporal Work of Mercy!

Funeral Luncheon Committee
The committee provides sustenance and comfort to the bereaved in the form of a meal served in the Fr. Larry Dorsey Fellowship Hall after a funeral service. Helpers are needed to serve the meal and persons are needed to prepare dishes in their home and drop them off at the church the morning of the funeral.

Funeral Bake Sale Committee
A Bake Sale & Raffle is held each year on Palm Sunday weekend. Funds raised are used to help defray part of the cost of funeral luncheons for our parish families. Volunteers are needed to donate baked goods for the sale, and to give time and talent to plan and work at the sale.

Angel Tree
Those in need at Christmas time receive help from the Angel Tree group. The Angel Tree enables parishioners to provide gifts for families in need with children and to brighten Christmas for local senior citizens. Volunteers are needed to organize the collection and delivery of gifts.

Siena Francis House
On the first Sunday of each month parishioners bring pantry items of canned tuna, a box of prepared snacks and a bag of chips to a volunteer's home. The next day volunteers from St. Gerald Parish deliver the meal items to the Siena Francis House homeless shelter. On the third Saturday of each month a different group of volunteers prepare and deliver a meal for the Siena Francis House. Volunteers are needed to prepare food or provide a cash donation.

Stephen Center Meal
Volunteers prepare and serve an evening meal one Friday a month at the Stephen Center Pettigrew Emergency Shelter. Volunteers are needed to donate or prepare food or provide a cash donation.

Habitat for Humanity
St. Gerald works with a coalition of local churches who raise the funds and provide the volunteers needed to build a new home in an impoverished area of Omaha every year. Projects typically start in August with just a foundation/basement. Later the framing, siding, doors and windows, insulation, drywall, painting, finish trim, and cleanup continues through November. The completed home is sold to a family who participated in the construction. The family receives the home with a no interest loan for the cost of the
construction. The aim is to give families living in poverty or homelessness an opportunity to own their home and enjoy economic stability. As a coalition of churches, participants show the love of Christ and his preferential option for the poor and the marginalized.

Women's Community Service
Women's Community Service meets several times throughout the year to provide support to projects that serve our parish and community.

Catholic Charities Food Drive
Responding to the Omaha Archdiocesan mission of "Living Mercy" St Gerald holds quarterly food drives to support area food Pantries. The April, June and November drives go to the Catholic Charity food pantries at Juan Diego Center and Martin De Porres Center. The August drive goes to the Tri-City Pantry in Papillion for residents of Ralston, Papillion and La Vista. The quarterly food drives are coordinated by the Knights of Columbus. All parishioners are encouraged to contribute to the drives.

HOPE stands for Help Our Parish Educate. This program provides funds for parish educational programs. Gift certificates for grocery, restaurant, discount and retail stores are available in the Business Office and after Sunday Masses. These gift certificates work just like cash with the parish receiving a rebate (ranging from 2% - 20%) from the participating businesses. If you have a child enrolled in St. Gerald School or religious education programs you can earn up to 2% of your purchases to offset tuition fees. Purchase certificates or volunteer to sell after Mass.

Guardian Angel Dinner and Auction
The Guardian Angel Dinner and Auction raises funds for large school purchases and other needs. Help with this event with time, talent, or a financial donation. Volunteers are needed for planning, decorating, set-up, or working the night of the event. This is an excellent way to get involved and meet school and parish families.

Parish Festival
The Parish Festival is an opportunity for the parish to join together for fellowship and fun. Volunteers help plan the activities and events of the festival. Additional volunteers serve as booth captains, workers the day of the festival at a booth, kitchen, etc. Be a volunteer or just attend the festival.

Parish Pastoral Council
The St. Gerald Parish Pastoral Council is a visioning body (mission-focused) whose primary responsibility is to discern the will of the Holy Spirit for the parish. As strategic planners, the council's secondary responsibility is assist the pastor and his leadership team in the process of creating a long-term (3-5 yrs.) pastoral plan that will help our parish live out our mission. The Parish Pastoral Council is made up of trusted advisors selected by the pastor and his leadership team.

Finance Committee
The St. Gerald Parish Finance Committee includes the Pastor, the Parish Business Manager and five voting members from the parish at large. The voting members are selected by the Pastor based on relative financial experience and expertise. Voting members serve three-year terms and may serve an additional three-year term for a maximum of six years. The Finance Committee serves as a consultative body and advises the Pastor and administrators of the Parish regarding stewardship of parish financial resources.

Maintenance Committee
The Maintenance committee plans scheduled maintenance for our physical plant and advises the Parish Leadership Team on improvements at both parish campuses. The committee includes engineers, craftsmen and those who are willing to assist with maintenance projects, lawn care, snow removal.

Church Landscape and Snow Removal
Help is needed to maintain our parish campuses no matter the season. Help with spring clean up, flower planting, weeding and watering at the church at 96th & Q and a small garden on the north side of the Chapel at Lakeview. The work rotates during the spring and summer among committee members . During the winter volunteers help keep sidewalks around the church clear from snow.

Parish Office Volunteers
In a busy parish like ours there are innumerable special and ongoing projects that need volunteers. If you have a few hours to spare we would appreciate your help. Volunteers are needed in the parish Business Office during business hours.

Night Watch Security
Volunteers check all the parish buildings at both campuses each night to verify lights are turned off and all doors are locked. Time commitment is 1 or 2 weeks a year. Training is provided.

School Advisory Board
The purpose of the St. Gerald School Advisory Board is to provide recommendations and input to the School Administration and Pastor on matters related to school policy and procedures. The Board is focused on the continued excellence of St. Gerald School and in strategically planning for our future.

School Learning Garden
This group coordinates activities and volunteers for St. Gerald School's Learning Garden. Volunteers spend time with our school children in an outdoor learning environment helping with the upkeep of the many beautiful flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. All volunteers at St. Gerald School must be safe environment trained and certified.

Home & School Association
The goal of St. Gerald Home & School is to support the academic development, spiritual growth, and various needs of students, families and faculty of St. Gerald School. The Association creates a welcoming and supportive environment with parents, administrators, teachers, and students. The group organizes and sponsors many activities throughout the year, including the annual Walk of Pride and teacher appreciation events. Volunteers are needed to help in the lunch room, library, and in the classrooms. All volunteers at St. Gerald School must be safe environment trained and certified.

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