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Welcome to Saint Gerald Catholic Church

4th of July Candy Drive

St. Gerald Catholic School will once again be participating in the annual Ralston Independence Day Parade! Part of the tradition of our float is handing out candy to the thousands of parade goers! Please help us by donating a bag of parade candy (tootsie rolls, gum, life savers, suckers, etc). Donations are being accepted at the parish office, at the school gymnasium during Missy Arana's summer childcare program, in the back of Church at 96th and Q (look for the grocery bags) and at the customer service department at Hy-Vee. During the weekend of June 27th, the School Recruitment Committee will also be available after all masses at 96th and Q to accept candy or monetary donations. Our goal is to have 4,000 pieces of candy! This is a wonderful opportunity for our School to support the Ralston Community.

Fun Fact: We have been Ralston's Catholic Grade School since 1959!
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From the Pastor's Desk
Mass in honor of Independence Day: July 4th lands on a Saturday so we will not have a morning mass like usual at 9:00 am... we will have a normal low key 8:15 at Lakeview and then at the 5:00 pm Saturday evening mass we will have our 4th of July celebration mass as part of the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time. I encourage your participation in all the festivities in and around Ralston especially the parade and evening fireworks. Help our school float by donating oodles of candy. Bring to the church or parish office well before the 4th.

Call All Families to be the little Upper Room.

Continued from previous bulletins:

Family Formation and YDisciple take us deep into working with Families in our parish to build them up so they can be the Upper Room where Jesus is met, a relationship with Him is developed, and the Holy Spirit's gifts are nurtured and applied.

I really want to help families grow in their personal faith and grow in their family faith life. I believe I have a tool to do just that. Right now I have approximately 100+ parents/grandparents plus their kids coming to a once a month formation program. I give the presentation to the parents while the kids attend class with a catechist. We come together to pray before they go home for the evening. We take one for Eucharistic Adoration together. The feedback from the parents this year was overwhelmingly positive; a common theme-I always learn something new. Why should parents in the Grade School not experience this same level of faith formation? Does it happen simply because one sends their kids to a Catholic School; some yes, but not what could be happening?

The biggest question I have is "how I will introduce it?" This summer I will form a parent group who will begin to pray, discuss, and dream about the possibilities together. I know one thing for sure, I believe this is what the Lord is leading me to do.

Pope Francis writes concerning the upcoming Synod on the Family: Dear families ... This Synodal Assembly is dedicated in a special way to you, to your vocation and mission in the Church and in society; to the challenges of marriage, of family life, of the education of children; and the role of the family in the life of the Church. I ask you, therefore, to pray intensely to the Holy Spirit, so that the Spirit may illumine the Synodal Fathers and guide them in their important task. And so we pray:
Prayer for Family Formation
Prayer for Family Formation in Every Part of Our Parish
Dear Lord, you have always been faithful to us and have always guided our parish to know, love and serve you. You call us to be Disciples who actively share their faith with others. Strengthen the gifts of the Holy Spirit in each of us as we seek to help our families become the primary place of religious formation. We give you thanks for the fruit that has come from Family Formation. Bless all our efforts this coming year especially as we move the Family Formation model into our school and as we begin YDisciple among our youth. Encourage us as we move in this new direction and keep our hearts tuned to your will. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
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Server Picnic
The server picnic at FunPlex is Wednesday, July 15. A full pass to FunPlex will be provided including rides and water. Fill out the attached release of liability form and permission slip and drop them off in the parish office, drop in the collection basket, or scan and email to office@stgerald.org. Permission slip form has details, drop off and pick up times.
Permission Slip
Liability Form
Men's Golf League
The Thursday night St. Gerald Men's golf league has openings for additional golfers. If you are interested or want additional information please call Doug Tucker at 402-707-3982 or John Howell at 402-968-0251
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Why Saint Gerald Catholic School?
Come find out what our parents already know! For more information on the value of a Catholic School education, go to www.lovemyschool.com.

Call the school office for more info: 402-331-4223 or contact school principal, Michaela Goerke, to set up a tour - mgoerke@stgerald.org.

Please watch the video below to learn more about our wonderful school.

A message to parents...
The statistics on how our children are being affected by the availability of pornography are disturbing, to say the least. I don't like to tell parents how to parent but when it comes to this subject, I do get more personal. You need to do all you can to keep this from your kids. Kids can click on something quite innocent and suddenly they are the victims. So you need to do all you can to keep this out of your house and the attached brochure, produced by our own office of victim outreach and abuse prevention, is a good one to help you. I hope you take the time to read and put into effect its recommendations.
Forging a Future of Faith Campaign

Mission Statement
We are a Catholic faith community devoted to becoming a dynamic center of worship. We challenge ourselves to lead lives patterned after Jesus. With gratitude we share our faith, talents, gifts and resources so that more people experience God's love.

Parish Goals
1. To help people feel "at home" in our parish.
2. To improve communications within the parish.
3. To increase our evangelization efforts.
4. To improve the financial state of the parish and the viability of its property.
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